The Watergarden

95% love it
San Jose's men's bathhouse
In the leafy, old-timey Rose Garden neighborhood but close to I-880 (exit The Alameda). The neighborhood is charming, and the Watergarden has real charms, too: A huge steam room with lots of dark corners is very popular, and the outdoor pool, jacuzzi and patio, all surrounded with well kept landscaping, is a wonderful oasis. Membership required; ranges from $39/year to $4/visit, plus a 12-hour room charge starting at $24. Lockers at additional charge. Weekday specials $7 (plus membership) from 10 am-3 pm. Tuesdays and Fridays are buddy nights--rooms and lockers 1/2 price. Thursdays are Latin nights, which makes sense given the city's huge and thriving Latino community. Discount coupons on website.


    • pupkinpie2
      pupkinpie2 4 months ago
      Loves it

      Gay bathhouse in San Jose. Watergarden is a great place if your looking for a hookup, or if your looking for a place to relax by a pool, hot tub, or steam room naked. Unique that it has an outdoor pool. Age of guys is varied, but tends to be 40's +. I went on a Friday afternoon in summer and it was busy. If you visiting and enjoy gay bathhouses, Steamworks is better! Watergarden offers two separate parking lots on either side of the building. Make sure to read the signs to ensure you are in the correct lot. There is also street parking - again read the signs. You enter from the major front street (The Alameda). Entrance is not labeled, but look for address. When you get inside you are greeted by the welcome desk. Like other gay bathhouses you pay first, then you are buzzed in. You have the option to put your wallet, keys, or other valuables in a private lock box. Prices vary depending on what room or locker you get. You also need to buy a membership. Check the website for pricing options. When you get pass the welcome desk you go to the back side of the desk to get a towel (they have larger towels for bigger guys). The staff is friendly and will point you where to go. From there go to the locker or room and get naked. You will only need a towel, and the key on your arm. Throughout the facility are condoms on the walls. Lube is free from the front desk. Water fountains are available. Next to the lockers is a small fitness/weight room. Just beyond the weight room are hallways with the private rooms. In the back you will find a patio area, and the bathrooms. Off to the left is a vending area with a microwave, bathrooms, and showers. On the far left outside is the pool area, hot tub, and the door the to steam room. Just next to the pool area is a sitting room with TV's and outlets. Inside and outside was very clean and well maintained! They have one large pool that is 3-5' deep. Water was clean and cool. Around the pool are lounge chairs (Free). The hot tub is large. The steam room is also quite big and full of action at times. Cons: Parking is limited, they were under construction in some areas, limited dark areas, no sex swings or other fetish gear, boring if its cold out or its late as most of the fun is the pool and hot tub, locker rentals are pricy.

    • PrincessKenHodges
      PrincessKenHodges Over a year ago

      Hot place for LOTS of hot times with hot guys
      Love iT! Highly recommend it Im femme Princess eemail me if you want at Im in Los gatos near Vasona My cel (after 8am and before 11 pm please is (408) 691-4314. maybe w can hook up? xoxoxo

    • cricketlove57
      cricketlove57 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      new to this sight
      looking forward to visiting

    • ChristianOwen
      ChristianOwen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great clean beautifulllll place
      I do a monthly event there on the 1st Saturday of each month PORNSTAR when I first walked in I was shocked how beautiful it was, the staff is so friendly. You will feel like your in paradise here. My event is the 1st Saturday of each month PORNSTAR I am spinning on the decks 8:00pm-11:00pm with a featured headliner Pornstar that puts on a stage show at 9:00pm.

    • jeffnorcal
      jeffnorcal Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice and clean.. and very well lit
      I have to say I really love this place and being so bright inside isnt for everyone but I like it. I prefer to see who is cruising around. Steamroom is very nice and was hit on almost instantly. Im a bit of a exhibitionist so i sit down without a towel and gently massage myself while others watch.. some chose to help out and if I may just let it happen with the right looking at acting man. Video room is okay.. same as steamroom, I like to not be covered and to give myself a good rubbing watching the videos. Lots of men like to just stand and watch, and others want to lend a hand. Never have a problem with anyone not taking NO for a answer... Def love that. I recommend this place to those who are not shy, and arent druggies. No offense to druggies.. just stay away and all is cool. I give Watergarden a 4 star. Love the outdoor pool and hot tub especially when the weather is nice

    • R281780
      R281780 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      More of a spa than a bathouse
      It seems almost politically incorrect to say anything negative about the Watergarden, but I will. Yes, it is beautifully clean and well maintained. My issue is, it isn't the best place for sex. Unlike Steamworks or Blowbuddies with lots of play areas, most of the areas at Watergarden are lounges, and not conducive to sex. And even trying to play in the play areas, like the porn TV room, is hard when you have 5 men standing at the door talking about their prostates for hours on end.

    • hairydesire
      hairydesire Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good for older guys
      I was impressed that, being in my 70s, I still felt relaxed and comfortable. It is easy to move around in the attractive environs and feel like you belong. People were smiling, and even though I am shy, I met a few great guys. I am anxious to go back and meet some new friends.

    • hotmale
      hotmale Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place
      Great place to relax & meet cute men. Clean and safe place to hang-out and to socialize. Half-price every Tuesdays & Fridays. Lots to do their. Guys check it out you won't be disappointed.

    • GWM1984
      GWM1984 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love this place.

    • gayinsanjose
      gayinsanjose Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place to relax
      You can hang out for some "fun" in the steam room or Big Screen TV room, or sit by a fireplace (on cold days) in a what looks like a upscale hotel lobby. They have a pool table if you are into that. And of course the cute little rooms to play in. If you like public play that is there too. Pool and Hot Tub area very nice. You find mostly respectful people there. I would say there is someone for everyone there. Older, Younger, any race, any fetish.

    • aztazman45
      aztazman45 Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • bhg_anonymous_reviewer
      bhg_anonymous_reviewer Over a year ago

      Whenever business or pleasure takes me to the Bay Area, I always make it a point to spend at least one night at the Watergarden. The men who go there are nice looking, down to earth, and the place is immaculate. I go there, play, shower, then retire to my clean room when I am ready for a good night's sleep. It's the cleanest bathhouse I have ever visited.<br><br><i>This review was orginally posted on, which is now part of GayCities</i>