Splash Bar Inc

95% love it
Dancing is a must
This is a popular spot with urban flavor and mixed drinks. It's known amongst locals as a nightclub to let loose. Drag shows and gogo dancers keep the energy up all night long.


    • twinfred
      twinfred Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I used to party here a lot in college in my early 20s once it reopened, and recently went back. It's a great space, the people are friendly, and the music is good. Weekdays are a little slow, but the weekend gets really busy. If you don't smoke, I suggest staying off of the patio. It gets too crowded and very smoke-filled.

    • PrincessKenHodges
      PrincessKenHodges Over a year ago

      love it very fun
      fun place easy to find and LOTS of action

    • jeffmorena
      jeffmorena Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The #1 LGBT-friendly nightclub in The South Bay!
      The #1 LGBT-friendly nightclub in The South Bay for the hottest remixed dance/pop/EDM/circuit hits + funky/disco/Latin house tunes with 2 dancefloors + 2 DJ's + an outdoor patio with a balcony view + video screens throughout the entire venue...not to mention San Jose's sexiest party clientele! ♥

    • biltncaliguy
      biltncaliguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cool Location
      I stopped by since I kept hearing it was a cool place to be at. After showing up I noticed the people there are friendly and welcoming. The music was ok but in reality when your with friends anything will do. The bartenders were not as "hot" like I thought they would be from what I heard but they were cool. I would stop by again the next time I'm in San Jose.

    • I'll be back next time I'm in San Jose!
      I was in San Jose for the weekend and after reading the reviews decided to give Splash a try and I'm glad I did! + Great atmosphere, very up and alive with a diverse and friendly crowd. Two dance floors (big one downstairs and a smaller one upstairs) and both DJs were on it with good high-energy music--there was never a moment that one or the other wasn’t playing something I wanted to move to. -/+ Bar service was kind of slow but the tenders were very nice and quick once they got to me. The place was PACKED, so they were up against it all night and the service bars are poorly-designed so the tenders cannot work efficiently and were definitely doing the best they could. + The whole place was clean and well-maintained. Someone dropped a drink on the downstairs dance floor and the crew immediately came out and cleaned it up (lots of places could learn a lesson here.) = Every bit as good as my favorite hometown clubs in Sac, I’ll be back!

    • Best of San Jose
      New Splash, very nice, cute bartenders, feels like a club in the city. $5 cover fri-sat's. Drinks are somewhat pricey on those nights, but happy hours are awesome.

    • leeca
      leeca Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love it.
      Bartenders are hot and friendly. The music is great.

    • calif06
      calif06 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place
      I went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, on gay pride week end and I had a lot of fun. The music was great, mostly r'n'b/hip hop, and it was crowded. I went back there after that on a friday, latin nights, it was a totally different crowd but I still had a lot of fun.

    • DAman
      DAman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Check it out
      When comenting on bars in San Jose/Bay area Splash is by far the best one. The house is packed on Fridays and Saturdays and if you are into Latin guys Fridays your night! I also like the fact that the crowed is very mixed on Saturdays with lesbians and...well you know...the gays. The only problems with me is the crowd is a late one, usualy about 11:00-11:30, but that is usualy the case in San Jose and sometimes you have to stand in line for the bathroom because of the crowd. Add more urinals? As far as a couple of these other reviews, they must be smoking crack and it's some bunk crap. Weak drinks? Come on now, what gay bar serves weak drinks. Bottom line it's worth checking out and seeing it for yourself. What do you have to lose?

    • powerbottom
      powerbottom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      SPLASH is SJ's Hottest GAY NIGHT CLUB!
      Check out Splash if you want hot, tan, muscular eye candy and equally sexy women! Thurs night tends to be the cute, sexy, college boys. Fri night is all about the hot Latin boys and Sat night is choose your sexy man. The club starts rocking after 11:30 so be fashionable and make an entrance at 11:45! The DJ's really get the place rock'n on all three nights! If u want to see great up and coming singers, swing by Tues nights and watch the Karoake singers! Some real talent exists in SJ gay or str8. Overall, the club has been a fantastic addition to the downtown club SJ scene. At some point, the upstairs restaurant needs to be converted to expand the dance floor or a lounge. It's wasted space. Given how crowded the club gets- extra upstair space would be an awesome addition to an already excellent club!

    • saint
      saint Over a year ago
      Loves it

      lov the top and the bottom....
      i think splash is coo on a friday but on a sat?? i think they should have for this bar mor go go boyz and some girls so like have a boy and agirl that would be hott and also they should have like talent nights on mondays insted of being closed but all in all i love the balcony and i like what they paly on fiday night's all in all i give this club a 7

    • sanman
      sanman Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I have listened to friends telling me..."meet us downtown at the new happen'n place in town, it's the hottest, hippest gay place in San Jose" HA! HA! HA!.....All I have to say to them and this place is....Inconsistent hours!!! How can you run a business like this!! I was trying to take my friends out on the town to this place; fighting for parking, walking blocks only to find out the place has their television on but no one is inside watching it! The doors are closed with the lights off...Always closed when I went down there!! Talk about embarassing!! So what do I do?? First I apologize to my friends for this inconvenience, then we go to the place that I can count on for being open with drinks worth drinking and not having to worry about fruit flies in the booze bottles....TD's is the Happen'n place in town! Plenty of parking consistent business hours. The place I elect to take my 'out of town friends to !!!

    • latinostud
      latinostud Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ok, so I heard the buzz that Splash gets pretty busy so I had to see what all the fuss was about. I went on a Saturday night. Most clubs are usually packed by 11:30. Not Splash. There was all but 50 people standing around listening to tired played out music. I made my way to the bar only to find myself standing there until the bartender finished his conversation with what appeared to be a trick. My drink was very weak and was not greeted with a smile. Point being....SPLASH Sucked! Never again. Sorry Men.

    • elmorenosf
      elmorenosf Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I will agree that the space is nice but have to say that nothing about this so-called club really stands out. I've been to just about every gay club in the bay area and this votes as one of the bottom 3. Staff seems cool but fake. Drinks were just ok. The crowd? <yawn>. Thanks anyway. NEXT?

    • lamorenaza
      lamorenaza Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best time the best people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This was my first time to a gay bar and I have to admit I was a little nervous at first but when I walked in a felt so happy seeing such lovely people dancing, being affectionate and just having a great time. I danced so much and met such awesome people! The music was good and they have the best cherry coke! It is a great place everyone was friendly and I would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone who enjoys hanging out with beautiful and fun people.